Monday, September 6, 2010

We Lost a Tooth!

Well, it's been an eventful start to the school year. Kaden has started 1st grade and is in Mrs. Spencer's class. There is another Kaden in his class and that Kaden's last name is Brimley so she can't even call them by their first name and last initial. So, she started calling him Kaden Balls and he said the other day that when she does that, some of the kids in the class laugh. Oh boy, here we go! So, I kindly asked the teacher to call him either Kaden (while calling the other boy Kaden B) or call him Kaden Lynn. Since she's been doing that, it's been better but I'm sure we'll be revisiting this topic each year.

Kaden loves recess (both of them!) and so far, he likes a majority of the lunches that he's eaten. He also loves math and reading and we have homework every night. I was excited to have him back in school, then realized I wouldn't be seeing him everyday and got a little sad, but we're dealing with him being gone and there is a lot less fighting when he's at school...Jackson and Evan haven't learned how to fight with each other yet.

Some of the other momentous occasions that happened in the last few weeks were that I was promoted from Manager to Senior Manager at work, Evan finally started walking, we've gotten rid of Evan's bottles, and Kaden lost his first tooth! Not too much new with Jackson lately but he still keeps us on our toes and we never know what he's going to say or do next but he definitely keeps us laughing...he can't wait to start pre-school next fall.

Ok, I've posted some not-so-fun-to-look-at pictures of Kaden's hole in his mouth where his tooth was and I have to say that for me, it was not fun to watch him try to pull it out. I'm not sure if it was the blood or just realizing that he's growing up and the last evidence of him ever being my baby is starting to disappear. But, I've still got Jackson and Evan for now so we've got Evan getting teeth and Kaden losing teeth at the same time...kind of strange. As you can see, Kaden's permanent tooth was already growing in behind his baby tooth so he shouldn't have a gap for very long. He was very brave about the whole thing and Ray really wanted him to pull it out himself so that's what he did.

Summer Was Here

Well, summer has come and gone and we're back to school with Fall in the air. We really had a great summer...but we don't have many pictures to show for it. Kaden was pretty excited to be out for the summer but I was wondering how I was going to keep him entertained all summer so I signed him up for Aqua Sport at the Draper pool during June, swimming lessons on Saturdays during June, July, and August, and Super Summer Sport through Dimple Dell Recreation Center during August. Boy, did the summer fly by! Around the 4th of July, we headed up to Washington to see Ray's family and it was a LONG trip but Evan did surprisingly well and we made it home without too many frazzled nerves. On our way back from Washington, we went to Seaside, OR for a few days and thought the boys would LOVE the beach but we quickly realized that Evan is too young for the beach (too much sand in the eyes) and Jackson and Kaden liked it for a few hours but then were over it. We stayed in a little beach house about 2 blocks from the beach and the best part of the beach for the boys was finding the seashells that the kind lady walking on the beach would drop just so the kids could find them.

In addition, we celebrated Ray's birthday like we do every summer. I tried to organize a dinner with friends but it didn't work out the way that I hoped but I hope Ray's birthday was fun anyway.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Howdy, Cowboy!

After today, there's only 2 more days of school left for Kaden. There has been a lot of fun activities going on. The kids recently went to the Zoo on a real school bus for a field trip and I think the highlight of the trip wasn't the zoo, it was the bus ride! This week was Kaden's "Me Week" where the class got to learn all about him and how wonderful he is and today was cowboy day. You'd think that a mom that grew up in Wyoming and was involved in showing horses most of her teenage years would have had some cowboy clothes around the house but nope...Ray had to go to Walmart last night and see what he could find. All in all, I think Kaden made a good looking cowboy (despite the black and red skater shoes!).

Next week is water day and the talent show. Kaden hasn't decided what to do for the talent show so I think he'll just watch this year. Playing the Wii isn't really a talent and neither is knowing everything about Star Wars. He wanted to be ready to play the guitar by next Wednesday but I had to break it to him that this probably wouldn't happen. I guess I really need to start helping my kids focus on real talents. He can play soccer really well but that's a little hard to showcase at a talent show. He also sings pretty good to "So What" by Pink but he was too shy to get up in front of everyone and sing it...I guess we're the only audience privileged to see his rockstar side.

Kohl's Cup 2010

Last weekend, Kaden was lucky enough to play on the winning U6 team at the Kohl's Cup in Hyrum, UT. He was also lucky to be playing on that team with his best friend and cousin, Kasen. They played 5 games that day and the weather refused to cooperate so we were all bundled up and trying to keep warm. Thank goodness that the games were only 2 12-minute periods with a 5-minute half-time. Although the day was long and cold, it was worth it and the boys had a lot of fun and Kaden was so excited to get the first place medal at the end of the day. Thanks Uncle Kasey for putting together a winning team! Leo (the RSL mascot) even showed up to tell the kids good luck and sign their soccer balls and jerseys! Way to go All Stars!

A Ducky Day

Lately, we've been having frequent visits from some furry friends. I can't remember them ever being in our yard as much as they have been this year. The boys love it when the ducks come to visit and are always trying to feed them bread. Sometimes the ducks are interested, sometimes they're not. Mostly, they just love to sit on the wet grass and if the boys bother them too much, they waddle over to the next quiet yard. Surprisingly, the cats don't even go crazy when the ducks are in the yard, they just sit in the window sill and watch them for a while.

A New Interest

Ray, Kaden, and Jackson went up to Washington last month to be with family since Aunt Katie returned from her mission. I can't believe that Ray drove all that way with both boys but apparently, they both had a great time. The highlight of the trip was fishing on the lake behind grandma and grandpa Balls' house. Kaden is really into fishing so I guess we'll be buying some fishing poles and heading to the public fishing pond near our house...or else just send him with Uncle Kasey. I'm sure Uncle Kasey would love an excuse to head out fishing with the boys...not that he really needs one!

Sweet Baby Evan Turns 1!

Our last (but certainly not least) baby boy turned 1 this month, on May 15th. As is our usual custom, we didn't do a big birthday party, we just celebrated quietly at home as a family. We made red velvet cake and cupcakes with buttercream frosting and everyone loved it. I think the pictures say it all.

Our dear sweet baby Evan...this year has flown by and you are such a joy to our family. We can already tell that you love your older brothers SO much and they love you and always are quick to help us take care of you. I love your sweet smile, your chubby cheeks and legs, and the silly noises you make all the time. Most of all, I love snuggling with you on my shoulder before nap times and bedtime. Although I was almost positive you were going to be a girl, I wouldn't trade you for all the girls in the world and thank you for completing our family...I know how blessed we are every time I look in your big blue eyes and see you reach for me. We love you!

I think someone's excited for his birthday!

Mom's attempt at a homemade birthday cake.

"What's this?"


"Pretty tasty!"

What would a birthday be without the ceremonial smashing of the birthday cake into the hair?

I think this pictures sums up the day! We love you sweet Evy boy!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kaden's Birthday - Part II

Kaden wanted to have his birthday party this year at Bouncin Off the Walls and we invited as many of his friends as we could think of. My goal for the birthday party was to not have it at my house and not have to do much so this place was great. The kids got to run wild in the bounce houses and the giant slide for an hour and a half and then they had pizza, cake, we did presents, and everyone went home and best of all...I didn't have to clean up any mess! Enjoy the pictures of our sweet Kaden's 6th birthday.

Kaden sitting on the "birthday chair" before opening his presents...lots and lots of Legos!
Star Wars birthday cake...again! I think this will be the theme for quite a few years.

The big blow out!
Sweet baby Evan just hanging out while all the kids played.

Daddy and Jackson...even mom and dad got to play and go down the giant slide.

The birthday boy

Jackson had a blast at Kaden's birthday party
I can't believe our sweet Kaden is 6 years old already! We couldn't have asked for a sweeter boy and a better big brother for Jackson and Evan. Jackson always wants to be like his big brother and is already into the Star Wars thing so I'm sure it won't be long before Evan is following in their footsteps. We love you so much Kaden and are so glad you are in our family. You are kind, loving, fun, and a good example for your little brothers. You are such a good student and love to go to school and learn new things. You are such a good helper and you LOVE to play the Wii and X-box. McDonald's is your favorite place to eat followed closely by Little Ceasars. I hope that daddy and I are always able to show you and help you feel how much we love you and I hope you will be patient with us as we are always learning how to be better parents and give you the freedom to make choices and also the freedom to make mistakes. You'll never, ever know how much we love you until you have kids of your own but I just want to tell you again....we love you so much, more than you'll ever know! Happy birthday sweet boy.

Kaden's Birthday - Part I

This is the first of two posts related to Kaden's 6th birthday. It was his year to have a big party and since his birthday was on a Wednesday, he got to have his birthday from Wednesday through Saturday. Wednesday started with his favorite breakfast of waffles and we made these to take to his class to celebrate his birthday:

Later that night, we let Kaden choose dinner and we had a small bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes (the best place ever!). Kaden opened his presents and got mucho games and stuff for the Wii so it was a successful birthday. Go to the next post to see Part II of the big 6th birthday! You'll notice the green St. Patrick's Day t-shirt that he wore to school which will be a part of every birthday since he's a St. Paddy's Day baby. The green shirt might have kept him from getting pinched but it sure didn't keep him from getting his 6 birthday spanks!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Time Flies

So much has happened in so little time...the days just seem to keep flying by. This year has started out great and our little family is making some big strides.

This was the big birthday month. Jackson turned 3 and I turned 32. Yes, I'm not ashamed and I'll admit my is what it is and I certainly don't feel 32 but I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone else. Ray and I decided that we'd let our boys have a BIG birthday party with all their friends every other year so Jackson just had a quiet birthday at home this year with family and Kaden will get a BIG birthday party and then Jackson will get a BIG party next year and Kaden will have a quiet birthday with family, etc. I think Evan and Jackson will have their BIG parties in the same years so I have 3 months in between trying to plan for both of them. Jackson's still young enough that I don't think he really cares who's there...just that it's his birthday, he gets presents, and has a cake. Here's some pictures of his 3rd birthday:

The decorations...

The cake...

Blowing out the candles!

Jackson followed in the footsteps of his older brother and finally decided that he wanted to be a "big boy" and we are happy to say that he is now fully potty-trained, at least during the daytime and it is absolutely wonder only having 1 child in diapers. I now know why everyone says that the best day of their life is when their last child is potty-trained...I can't wait for Evan to be potty-trained and no more diapers! Getting there took a lot of this...

Kaden had Red Ribbon Week at school where they talk about drugs and learn all the harmful things that drugs can do to their bodies. They got to dress up differently each day of the week such as wear your favorite sock, wear school colors, etc. and his favorite day was the crazy hair-do day! Of course, we had to have red and black because those are the Star Wars colors and as usual, little brother wanted in on the fun too. Once the colors were in Jackson's hair...all he wanted to do the rest of the day was get them out. Go figure!

Although it seems like it's been very busy, I can't think of much else to write about. Kaden is still loving school and will be the big "6" in a couple of weeks, Jackson is 3 and did I already mention he's potty-trained (yeah, we're pretty excited about it if you can't tell), and Evan is almost 10 months. He's not crawling yet...maybe because he's almost 23 lbs. and is usually in the 90-95th percentile for height so I think it's going to be a while before he can build up those arm muscles enough to heave his heavy body off the ground. I know that I should enjoy his relative immobility because once he's moving...I'm going to be running around like crazy!

I just thought this picture was funny...sometimes you just catch those funny moments

This month is the second parent/teacher conference at Kaden's school. I am so proud of our sweet Kaden. He got the highest grades possible for the second time with "Excellent" ratings for all of his behavior skills. Mrs. McGarry always has the best things to say about him and I'm so glad that he loves school and loves learning and I hope he continues to do so for the rest of his life. We're so proud of you Kaden and are so glad you're our sweet little boy and such an amazing example to your little brothers!

We were driving to Aunt Pam and Uncle Reed's house for dinner this evening and when I turned around to check on the boys...this is what I saw. Ray and I both thought this picture of Kaden was hilarious...he looks way to mature for an almost 6-year-old!